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17 June 2015

The Common Results Framework Planning Tool – a step towards a world without malnutrition

Photo: M. Albert Gonzalez Farran/UMID via Flickr CC BY 2.0

Photo by: M. Albert Gonzalez Farran/UMID via Flickr (CC BY 2.0)

More than 30 % of young children suffer from some form of malnutrition in the world today. The consequences are devastating, such as bad health and poor economic development. Scaling Up Nutrition, SUN, movement is a country-led movement that collaborates to improve nutrition globally. The SUN countries bring people and needed resources together to scale up specific nutrition interventions but also implement cross-sector strategies that are nutrition-sensitive.

One important strategic of the SUN movement is to mobilize resources directed towards country-led approached to scaling up nutrition. The project to scaling up nutrition contributes to the global view, helping to frame the total size of resources required to address malnutrition. To achieve a useful resource, the SUN countries need to implement their own national nutrition plans. The plans will include individual cost estimations, which are adapted to individual country context and priorities.

The SUN countries national plans, identifying as their Common Results Framework, CRF, has resulted in a planning tool, CRF Planning Tool, which will describe, summaries and compare nutrition plans from the countries. The tool is an Excel database that will offers an opportunity to standardize the conversation about nutrition planning. It also aims to allow stakeholders a better understand of the range of activities included in the tool and give an improved analysis of the plans. It can also be used to understand the content and division of activities in their plans within the region and compare one country´s plan to their neighbors’.

Hopefully, outputs from the tool can generate analysis and debate about the situations with malnutrition in the world, which could bring action to a safer, more resilient and stronger world.

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