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20 August 2021

Taking Urine Reuse to the Next Level

Entrepreneurs are working worldwide on solutions to exploit the opportunities lying in sustainable urine-recycling. Join the SuSanA Annual Meeting and this specific session to find out more about current trends in the sector!

Photo: Double vault urine diversion toilet (Peter Morgan, SuSanA)/ flickr.

The benefits of urine recycling are manifold: urine contains many nutrients that could be utilised to fertilise crops, hence minimising the use of chemical fertilisers and lessening negative environmental impacts of agriculture for example.

While most nutrients entering sanitation systems come from urine, a separate urine handling prior to sanitation systems and specific, context-adapted reuse is necessary to take advantage of these opportunities. Large urine volume, bad odours and clogging of pipes are some of the challenges that have prevented separate urine treatment from reaching a larger scale.

In this session, hosted on the last day of the 31st Sustainable Sanitation Alliance meeting, three entrepreneurs from Sweden, France, and Guatemala, will present their solutions to facilitate urine recycling in different contexts, that all hold big potential to improve local food security and environment.


  • Robert Cossette, ORIAZ Solar-Dripper (France)
  • Jenna Senecal, Sanitation360 (Sweden)
  • tbc, Mosan (Guatemala)

Moderator: Linus Dagerskog, SEI


From 20 August 2021 at 09:00 to 20 August 2021 at 10:00



Hosted by

SuSanA – Sustainable Sanitation Alliance