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2 March 2011

Rights-based versus Market-based Development

A False Dichotomy for Small-scale Farmers?

Photo courtesy of Onny Carr via Flickr

Photo courtesy of Onny Carr via Flickr

Development policymakers, academics and practitioners gathered at a ‘provocation’ seminar led by IIED in Stockholm, Sweden on the 3rd of March 2011 to discuss whether their approaches to supporting small-scale farmers should be based on markets or rights.

The provocation approach was used to bring together policymakers, academics and practitioners working at the interface between small-scale production, markets and development to share their insights into the potentials and pitfalls of rights-based and market-based approaches.

The background document and the three ‘provocation’ documents of this seminar can be downloaded from here, and videos of the seminar can be watched online at this IIED homepage link.


From 2 March 2011 at 23:00 to 2 March 2011 at 23:00