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13 December 2022
Food systems

GASL: Animal health and welfare – good for people and planet

Livestock trading at Chepareria market. Photo: Deborah Namayi Muricho, Department of Agricultural Economics, and University of Nairobi, Kenya

Launch of the GASL booklet Animal health and welfare for sustainable livestock systems
By Ulf Magnusson, Sofia Boqvist, Rebecca Doyle and Timothy Robinson

The publication explores the diversity of livestock across the world and highlight the synergies between good animal health and animal welfare and how those may positively impact animal productivity, economic growth and livelihood, human nutrition, food safety, reduction of the risk for zoonotic transmission, reduction of the need for antimicrobials, natural resource use efficiency, reduction of green-house gas emissions as well the adoption to climate change.

The authors:

Ulf Magnusson is Professor at the Department of Clinical sciences, Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, He is working on herd health, zoonotic diseases and antimicrobial resistance in livestock – in the past within the CGIAR system and currently with the UN Quadripartite. He also leads the GASL’s action network on antimicrobial resistance. Some policy-oriented publications led by Ulf include: Sustainable Global Livestock development…. Animal health in development and Tackling antimicrobial use and resistance in dairy cattle

Sofia Boqvist is Associate Professor in Infectious Disease Epidemiology at the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences. Her research mainly focuses on veterinary public health and microbial food safety. She has a strong engagement in research and collaborates with several partners and institutes in the Global South. She also leads the research/capacity building program AgriFose2030 – translating science into policy and practice.

Rebecca Doyle is a Senior lecturer in animal welfare at the University of Edinburgh and deputy director of the Jeanne Marchig International Centre for Animal Welfare Education (JMICAWE) and holds a joint appointment with International Livestock Research Institute. Rebecca studies animal welfare in diverse contexts, across Oceania, Asia, Africa and Europe. She also leads GASL’s animal welfare action network.

Timothy Robinson is Senior Livestock Policy Officer with FAO’s Animal Production and Health Division. He works on sustainable livestock systems with a focus on climate and natural resource use. Some recent FAO publications led by Timothy include: How to feed the world in times of pandemics and climate change?, Five practical actions towards low-carbon livestock and Shaping the future of livestock.

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