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Online workshop for young researchers

Sustainable Food Systems: linking research to policy and practice

Photo: Georgina Smith, CIAT / Flickr.

Are you a novice researcher, PhD student, post-doc or at the beginning of your research career? Does your work focus on food systems in low-income contexts? Then do not miss out on this great opportunity to sharpen and enrich your research and network with peers.

With hunger and malnutrition on the rise and the growing challenges of unsustainable food systems, there is a need for a platform for researchers to discuss how to sharpen the research in relation to policy and practice. This workshop aims to help young researchers to connect their own research to policy and societal relevance. Young researchers will benefit from cross-disciplinary discussions and feedback from senior colleagues and policy experts.

The workshop will be organised around two relevant themes that are closely interlinked. Young researchers will work closely with senior researchers in each theme.

  • Theme 1: Food Security and Food Sovereignty

This may, for example, include topics such as food justice, land tenure rights, access to food, nutrition, food safety.

Senior researchers:

Guntra Aistara (CEU) is an environmental anthropologist whose research lies at the intersection of political ecology, food sovereignty, and environmental justice. Her research interests include organic agriculture movements, agrobiodiversity and seed sovereignty, agroecology, permaculture, culinary heritage revivals, multi-species ethnography, and socio-ecological resilience of local food systems.

Assem Abu Hatab (SLU) works on international food and agricultural trade and trade policy, food consumption and production and their linkage with food security, demand analysis and commodity markets, and development economics. His work in recent years has focused on the political economy of food and agriculture in the emergence of political unrest of 2011 in North Africa.



  • Theme 2: Climate-Friendly Food Systems

This may, for example, include topics such as decreased emissions, climate-induced migration, climate-resilient production and value chains and circularity in food systems.

Senior researchers:

Jennie Barron (SLU)’s research concerns water management in agriculture. Her particular interests include development and transformation of agro-ecosystems and landscapes, through water and land management, policy engagement and capacity building, with a focus on sub-Saharan Africa and Asia.



Klara Fischer (SLU)’s research concerns how smallholders’ adopt and adapt new technologies and practices, the relationship between smallholders’ practices and agricultural policy and advice and broader societal discourses on agriculture development and natural resource management.



From 3 June 2020 at 09:00 to 5 June 2020 at 12:30



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