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26 January 2023

InfoPoint hybrid conference: Advancing Africa-Europe digital cooperation through knowledge sharing

Photo: IICD / Flickr.

The changes brought by new digital technologies and policies are unprecedented. Across Africa and Europe, unique examples are multiplying on how the ongoing digital transformation can improve people’s lives by increasing avenues for civic, political and economic engagement, as well as making policy developments more effective, transparent and responsive.

In a field so rapidly evolving, knowledge sharing can be a critical catalyst for sustainability. As recalled by the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, knowledge sharing on mutually agreed terms is key to the achievement of the SDGs.

By making knowledge more inclusive and open, governments, development agencies, civil society and private sector organisations, may accelerate mutual learning as well as the cross-fertilisation of ideas, technologies and solutions.

More on the importance of sharing knowledge to advance digital cooperation from the AU-EU D4D Hub Lead for Knowledge Sharing on the project’s webpage.


D4D Access is a knowledge platform that centralises, promotes, and disseminates African and European good practices and lessons on Digital for Development (D4D). Covering a wide range of topics, from e-governance to digital entrepreneurship, D4D Access contains many useful resources to support digital stakeholders in Africa and Europe – public institutions, donors, academia, companies, and civil society organisations – to advance an inclusive and sustainable digital transformation (see D4D Access).

Powered by the AU-EU D4D Hub project, D4D Access is an open online space for African and European organisations to share their knowledge resources, allowing them to reach new audiences, share their expertise and foster mutual learning.

D4D Access responds to the call for enhanced coordination to promote human-centred digital development amongst the stakeholders of the D4D Hub and its African regional branch.

Objective and target audience

The Infopoint event aims at presenting D4D Access to the different stakeholders who may benefit from using and contributing to the platform as well as at exchanging views on the role of knowledge sharing in the D4D sector.

Target audience includes:

  • EU institutions and EU delegations to partner countries in Africa.
  • Teams implementing Team Europe initiatives and D4D projects across Africa.
  • African public institutions and regional organisations.
  • Civil society organisations, multilateral organisations, research and academic institutions, and private sector.
  • Stakeholders engaged in D4D Hub working groups and advisory groups.

Find more information and registration link, here.


From 26 January 2023 at 12:30 to 26 January 2023 at 14:00


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