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7 May 2013
Organisation: Chalmers University of Technology
Agriculture Transformation In Low-Income Countries Under Environmental Change

Potentials for soil carbon sequestration in different livestock feed strategies: presentation

Seminar on Landscapes in a Carbon Focused World 26 October 2012
SIANI, Focali & Naturskyddsföreningen organized a one-day seminar in Gothenburg.


Summary: Grassland for silage, hay and pasture has for long been the traditional roughage feeding strategy for cattle in northern Europe. There is an increasing interest for substituting this with maize silage and more concentrates which probably lead to different soil carbon balances. There are great difficulties to calculate such changes in estimates of GHG emissions from livestock production systems which will be discussed in this section.

Christel Cederberg’s research is mainly about environmental impact of livestock production systems in developed countries and focus on GHG emissions and land-use issues. Cederberg has a Master in Agriculture, a PhD in Environmental Science and now works at SIK and is adjunct professor at Chalmers.

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These Slides are part of our event:

Past event


Landscapes in a Carbon Focused World

SIANI, Focali and Naturskyddsföreningen invite you to a one-day seminar in Gothenburg. The ‘landscape’ view has risen in importance within discussions on sustainability, resilience, improved...

26 October 2012
Gothenburg, Sweden