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21 May 2013
Organisation: Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences (SLU)

Importance of nutrient recycling & value of nutrients in sanitation sector

The nutrients in sanitation flow streams represent an increasing value from monetary, energy and resource perspectives. The market potential for making use of these resources in different ways clearly exists and can be developed further. This particular seminar is focusing on the nutrient content in sanitation flow streams and how linking sanitation with agriculture, or rather agriculture with sanitation, can cause win-win situations both from sanitation, food security and soil fertility perspectives. Cross-sector collaboration and using agriculture as a starting point for nutrient recycling interventions are two methods that have proven useful to achieve this desired win-win combination. This seminar is highlighting the urgency of the matter of nutrient recycling as well as show-casing some on-going developments within this field by presenting case studies from both African and European settings. The case studies are aimed at acting as an inspiration to seminar participants to explore nutrient recycling within their own contexts. The seminar was highly interactive, giving participants possibilities to share own experiences and to develop their knowledge within this field through exchange with fellow seminar participants. This seminar was part of World Water Week 2012.