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Deadline 24 September 2024

Call for proposals: Knowledge sharing and capacity building networks to strengthen Indigenous perspectives in research


NordForsk announces funding for two to four Nordic knowledge-sharing and capacity-building networks for researchers working with research relevant to Indigenous peoples and/or Indigenous research.

The overall aim for the call is to in the long term contribute to sustainable and ethically sound development of communities and areas where Indigenous peoples have interests, and thus contribute to maintaining trust and unity in the Nordic region.

By supporting cooperation to exchange knowledge and disseminate best practices, informing research environments conducting Indigenous research, the call aim to increase ethical, appropriate, and good safeguarding of Indigenous perspectives in Nordic research and innovation.

The funded networks should accelerate and disseminate knowledge on appropriate, respectful, and ethical involvement of Indigenous peoples in research, and thus foster research with high quality and relevance for Indigenous peoples and increase the competence and awareness of Indigenous perspectives and Indigenous research in research communities, in the general public and in policy making institutions.

Networks funded under this call can embrace all relevant themes, subjects, subject areas and disciplines of research.  All Nordic countries must be able to participate in the funded networks and in network-initiated activities.

The networks should be led by an early-career researcher, and it will be an advantage if several young researchers are given central tasks in the networking project, as the networks themselves represent an opportunity for young researchers to gain experience in leading international collaborative projects.

It will be an advantage if key network partners have previous experience from Indigenous research.

The networks are expected to:

  • operate across the Nordic countries, subjects and disciplines
  • arrange seminars, webinars, workshops, courses, and other activities suitable to spread and build knowledge and awareness related to Indigenous research
  • cover subjects like;  General Data Protection Regulations, research ethics, power relations, gender perspectives,  “do no harm “ principles,  open research, involving research methods, Indigenous research methodologies, Indigenous self-determination, leadership and capacity in research, Indigenous research training, and communication of research to Indigenous peoples, giving back to  communities (these examples are not  an exhaustive list of subjects, each network is not expected to cover all subjects and activities )
  • build on insights and findings from ongoing projects and research, make use of and multiply best practice examples, and draw on existing knowledge
  • raise awareness of the importance of Indigenous perspectives and disseminate the outcomes of the networks to relevant stakeholders at different levels such as policy makers, NGOs, research organisations, student organisations and the public to comply with NordForsk’s gender policy.