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Deadline 30 June 2024

Call for Papers for a New Book: Climate Change, Food Security, and Land Management

International Climate Change Information and Research Programme (ICCIRP)

The links between climate change, food security, and land management are complex and interdependent.

Climate change affects food security through its impacts on all components of global food systems, including food production, distribution networks, and market prices. Extreme weather events, changing precipitation patterns, and shifting temperatures can disrupt
agricultural productivity, affecting crop yields, livestock health, and fisheries. This can lead to increased food prices, reduced access to food, and ultimately, higher levels of food insecurity.

There is a perceived need for a specialist publication, which explores the connection between climate change, food security, and land management.

Against this background, this forthcoming publication, led by the International Climate Change Information and Research Programme (ICCIRP), seeks to assemble a comprehensive collection of scholarly articles that explore the intricate relationships between climate change, food security, and land management. We aim to provide a multidisciplinary platform for researchers, academicians, professionals, and policymakers to discuss, analyse, and propose sustainable solutions to some of the most pressing challenges at the intersection of these critical areas. The book will be published by Springer Nature, as part of the Climate Change Management Series:, the leading peer-reviewed
book series on climate change. The Series is Scopus-indexed and contributions to it have over the years officially counted for promotion and tenure purposes, as well as part of PhD  training.

We invite original research papers, reviews, case studies, and theoretical essays that address, but are not limited to, the following themes:

Impacts of Climate Change on Agricultural Production and Food Supply Chains

  • Innovations in Land Management for Enhanced Food Security
  • Policy Responses and Governance Frameworks for Sustainable Food Systems
  • Climate Adaptation and Mitigation Strategies in Agriculture
  • Socio-economic Dimensions of Food Security in the Context of Climate Change
  • Integrated Approaches to Land, Water, and Agricultural Management
  • Community-based Adaptation and Resilience in Food Production
  • Technological Advancements and Digital Solutions in Agriculture

Other themes are also welcome, please contact the editorial team if you have a suggestion.

Submission Guidelines

Submissions must be original, unpublished, and not under consideration by other publications.
Manuscripts should adhere to the specified formatting and referencing guidelines (to be provided upon acceptance of abstracts).
Abstract submission deadline: 30th June 2024
Full manuscript submission deadline: 30th October 2024

Please send a 200 words abstract, with the title of the paper, names and contact details of all authors, to: by 30th June 2024. Further details on the size, format and style to be used, will then be sent.

Review Process
Each submission will undergo a rigorous peer-review process, ensuring the publication of high-quality, impactful research.

Contact Information

For inquiries regarding the call for papers or submission process, please contact the editorial team at: