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Deadline 8 July 2024

Call for papers – Food security in conflict and disaster zones

BMC Nutrition

BMC Nutrition is calling for submissions to our Collection on Food security in conflict and disaster zones and invites researchers and practitioners working in this critical field to contribute their findings and insights on tackling food security in areas affected by conflict and disaster. This Collection aims to shed light on the multifaceted challenges communities face in these contexts and explore strategies to improve food security and improve these communities’ lives.

Food security is a fundamental human right but remains a global concern. Millions worldwide face inadequate access to sufficient safe and nutritious food. Communities in conflict and disaster zones often experience the disruption or complete destruction of the systems maintaining their food infrastructure, causing severe damage to their health and well-being. Addressing these challenges is a moral imperative to achieving the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) Goal 2: Zero Hunger.

This Collection seeks to bring together new research on the myriad challenges of maintaining food security in conflict and disaster zones and insights on how they might be resolved. We invite original contributions that explore the following topics, among others:

  • Food infrastructure disruption and its impact on food security: Examining how conflict and disasters affect food production, distribution, and access and their subsequent consequences on food security.
  • Humanitarian aid and interventions: Assessing the effectiveness of various interventions to ensure food security in crisis settings. (e.g. emergency food aid, cash transfers, and livelihood support.
  • Nutrition and health outcomes: Investigating the impact of food insecurity in conflict and disaster zones on nutritional status, health outcomes, mental health, and the long-term consequences for affected populations.
  • Resilience and adaptation: Exploring approaches to build resilience and promote adaptive strategies to enhance food security (e.g. including climate change adaptation and sustainable agricultural practices).
  • Policy and governance: Analyzing the role of policies and international frameworks in addressing food security challenges and identifying gaps and opportunities for improvement.

By providing a platform for researchers to share their expertise, this Collection aims to stimulate interdisciplinary dialogue and generate evidence-based insights to inform policy and practice in food security.


More information about the submission guidelines, here.