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21 May 2012

Welcome to SIANI’s new website


During the last couple of months, SIANI has been developing a new website. We are now happy to present the results, and hope that the site will trigger your interests and help you find the information you need. Here is a short guide for those who visit here for the first time:

Two languages

The website is set up to work for both Swedish and international audiences, and can be shown in both English and Swedish. To change the current site language, simply click the flags that are always found near the top of the page.

“What does that mean?”

Sometimes, pages exist in both English and Swedish versions, and the text will be shown in the language you have selected*. In many cases however, we post information that is only available in one language, such as news feeds, videos or documents. Since many of our members and readers are bilangual, we have chosen to still display this information on both pages to avoid that a reader misses relevant content. We’d rather give you more information than less!

(*Try for example clickling the Swedish flag at the top of this page, and you will see this content switch to Swedish.)

There is also a possibility to let your computer translate text for you through the Google Translate service, with a wide choice of languages available. To do that, click “Choose language” at the top of the page, next to the flags. All content on the site will then be automatically translated to the language of your choice – but be aware that the computerised translations are not always correct.

Site content

The SIANI site is structured to give you both the latest news and events, and to provide an archive of reports, protocols, articles and videos.


When you enter the homepage, you will find our next upcoming events immediately on your right side. Click an event title to read more about that specific activity.

You may also browse all such pages by clicking “Events” at the top menu. If you are looking for presentations or videos from a past event, please turn to the Resources section, where we provide all such content that we have.


This section includes not only the latest updates from the SIANI team, but also automatic news feeds from other sites and channels, labeled as Associated news.


From this section, you can browse our most recent documents and videos, or search according to your specific interests. This is also where you find documentation from previous SIANI seminars and workshops.

Expert groups

Here, you will find all the events, resources and other info that is specifically associated with our Expert Group themes: View our expert groups.

Search and find

On the right top of the page, you will always find our search function. Type in what words you want to look for, and the site will do the job for you! At most pages, you may also find different Topic links (marked in red), which you can click to show more content of the same type.

Return the favour – Get in touch!

We hope that you do enjoy the new layout and the information it holds. If you find any bugs, issues, or just have some plain suggestions about the website, please send these in a message to

For partnerships suggestions, knowledge sharing, or questions to the SIANI administration, please find the contact details of our staff members at Contact Us.

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