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LIVE – Landscapes in a Carbon Focused World Seminar

SIANI, Focali & Naturskyddsföreningen invite you to a one-day seminar in Gothenburg.

The ‘landscape’ view has risen in importance within discussions on sustainability, resilience, improved agriculture and climate change. This is particularly evident in large parts of the developing world where landscapes are heterogenic in character and the sectorial divisions of agricultural, pastoral and forestry land use are less evident. The landscape lens is a tool to help us work with geographical areas in a state of flux.

This seminar will offer us an opportunity to discuss the use of ‘landscapes’ as a contemporary and accessible research scale. We will look at the role a landscape focus has for enhancing both research and policy activities in both theoretical and applied.

Recently at the Rio+20 the focus on agriculture and rural development was superseded in discussions by a need to focus on landscapes as a more inclusive and dynamic measure in which to situate both research and policy. Within the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) two policy processes are relevant in terms of a move towards a landscape approach for carbon accounting. Within the Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) there is an ongoing discussion on expanding the land use, land use change and forestry activities (LULUCF) from the present possibilities narrowed down to only afforestation and reforestation or pure agricultural projects to a more inclusive variety of projects. Within the discussions on Reducing Emissions from Deforestation and Degradation (REDD+) a move has evolved from pure deforestation as it was in the beginning to a more complex interactive approach including also drivers of deforestation and degradation, such as agricultural expansion.

Moderator: Olof Drakenberg, Policy Analyst at the Sida Environmental Economics helpdesk at GMV

Cancellations must be made by the 20th October otherwise we will charge you 100kr for costs incurred.

A vegetarian lunch will be provided.


Seminar Programme:

10.00-10.05 Welcome address – Matthew Fielding SIANI / Madelene Ostwald FOCALI

10.05-10.15 Scope of the seminar Moderator Olof Drakenberg GMV

10.15-10.40 Claudia Ituarte-Lima – Stockholm Resilience Centre/Swedbio Legal landscapes in biodiversity and social safeguards

10.40-11.05 Christel Cederberg – Chalmers University of Technology/SIK the Swedish Institute for Food and Biotechnology Potentials for soil carbon sequestration in different cattle feeding strategies

11.05- 11.30 André Gonçalves – Professor Agroecology at Instituto Federal Catarinense in Brazil Agroforestry and Conservation projects in Brazil: Carbon, Biodiversity, Climate, and People

11.30-11.55 Hailu Araya Smallholder farming: a way towards sustaining food security and adapting to climate change

11.55-12.55 Lunch

12.55-13.20 Leif Klemedtsson – Professor at Department of Earth Sciences University of Gothenburg Landscape Scale Investigation of Greenhouse Gas Exchange (LAGGE)

13.20- 13.45 Matilda Palm – Chalmers University of Technology/Focali Reducing emission from all land uses – a broader perspective on REDD+ with examples from Vietnam

13.45-15.00 Discussion in a café style: Current opportunities for higher accuracy of quantifying carbon by introducing landscape as a unit – knowledge and policy gaps and ways forward


Read more about the speakers and their topics here

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