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21 December 2016

And the winner of the pulses photo competition is…

Photo by: Adam Arnesson

Congratulations to Adam Arnesson (@ekobonden), who has won SIANI’s Instagram competition #sianipulses! With his picture and story on the diversity of beans and peas, Adam convinced the jury and secured first place.

Adam’s descriptionof the photo: “Soon to be harvested! Never before has the diversity of protein been this great at Jannelunds Farm. Diversity tastes good, and looks fantastic, just look at the picture. Starring: Broad bean ‘Vroma’, Grey pea ‘Retrija’, Borlotto lingua di fuoco, black beans, red and white kidney beans. And a farmer’s hand. Scenery by: Blue mountains of Närke, Sweden.”

The photo was awarded first prize by the jury for its “appealing and colorful composition, and for the clear story behind it.” The jury “found the photo to be technically well executed while telling an emotionally engaging story of diversity. Down to earth, yet ambitious in its message, the winning photo reveals a high level of creativity and a personal belief in presenting pulses as the crop of the future.” 

As first prize, Adam received a copy of the cookbook With our own hands, written by Jamila Haider and Frederik van Oudenhoven and awarded the Best Cookbook Of The Year 2016 by the Gourmand World Cookbook Awards.

Three other finalists received a shared second prize, a bag each containing food products from Lantmännen:

  • Jamila Haider from the Stockholm Resilience Center. Caption: “Woman preparing ‘Shahi Oshi’ (king’s Osh) in Northern Afghanistan. Along with the typical ‘lashak-makh’ mixture of pulses and grains, she also includes dried apricots and wild greens.“
  • Gunilla Fallqvist. Caption: ”Can you guess which pulse is shown in the photo? A SIANI friend, Gunilla Fallqvist, gives us an appetizing recipe of crispy chickpea falafels with Mediterranean couscous salad and garlicious tzatziki. Make the falafels by simply mixing chickpeas, red onion, garlic, parsley and olive oil, then forming them into oval patties and frying them on medium heat until golden.”
  • Tomas Erlandsson from Nordisk Råvara. Caption: ”Yet another Swedish cultural heritage crop that we are growing again – Gotlandslinsen. It is grown in meager soils with a lot of lime on Gotland, where it is intercropped with oats.”

The winners were announced during the seminar on pulses at the Royal Swedish Academy of Agriculture and Forestry on December 14. You can watch the seminar here, and on our Instagram you can find more photos from the pulses competition.

If you want to learn more about the importance of pulses, check out our webpage!