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24 October 2023

Uppsala health Summit

Chemical Pollution and One Health - from Reactivity to Proactivity

Photo by Kelly

Uppsala Health Summit 2023 Chemical Pollution and One Health: From reactivity to proactivity will gather scientists, policy-makers, and practitioners in the same room to discuss the critical next steps and how to speed up efforts.

In workshops and plenary, we will discuss how we can make better use of research results and work towards integrated “health-wise” policies and how to strengthen international policy instruments and local practice. Themes for workshops include:

  • the health risks of a circular economy
  • monitoring of chemical exposure
  • speeding up capacity and processes for chemical testing
  • pharmaceuticals in the environment
  • how to increase understanding and action for the role of endocrine-disrupting chemicals, and much more.

As a science-to-policy event, we hope our meeting will be a valuable contribution to ongoing initiatives, both nationally and globally, such as the creation of an International Panel on Chemical Pollution and Waste, the Global Plan of Action for the Sound Management of Chemicals and Waste, or the intergovernmental negotiations for a global agreement to end plastic pollution by 2040.


More information here.


From 24 October 2023 to 25 October 2023


Uppsala Castle