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26 October 2022

LARRI Webinar: Why do so many land deals remain unimplemented in Africa? A land rights perspective

Photo by Photos By Beks on Unsplash

The webinar with the Land Rights Research Initiative (LARRI) will discuss land rights issues around a paper on the outcomes of land deals in seven Sub-Saharan African countries. Varying social structures and governance systems across Africa result in different consequences to large-scale land deals. Due to abandoned, scaled back or poorly performing land deals in the agriculture sector, local communities and investors suffer severe ramifications.

The preliminary results of the paper show that land conflicts and local resistance are crucial factors in understanding investors’ ability to start and maintain production. The webinar will further disclose the causes behind these factors and explain why large-scale land deals so often are forced to close down.

Hosted by the Unit of Human Geography, Department of Economy and Society at University of Gothenburg, the paper will be presented by Joanny Bélair from Utrecht University, Marie Gagné from Environment Canada and Linda Engström from SLU, Sweden. The discussant is Assistant Professor Melisew Dejene Lemma at Hawassa University in Ethiopia.

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From 26 October 2022 at 13:00 to 26 October 2022 at 15:00