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18 November 2012

Land-Use and Climate Change

An Open Course Exploring:

  • Drivers of Land-use Change and Climate Change Relations,
  • Landscapes of Land-use Change, Climate Change Adaptations and Land-use, Food Security,
  • Gender & Land-Use, Payment for Ecosystem Services – REDD, REDD+, Land tenure, Landgrabbing

The issue. The global community is currently facing one of its biggest challenges – to reconcile mitigation of climate change with an increasing demand for food, energy and forest products. Land-use change and climate change is intimately related where land-use change both have the potential of aggravating and mitigating climate change.

This course aims to discuss the following questions: what are the drivers of land-use change? How does land-use and climate change interrelates? How is the institutional landscape of land-use evolving? What is the situation of land ownership of land resources globally? How can tenure and rights contribute to addressing the consequences of land use change on climate change? These and other issues will be addressed.

We have put together this course based on a few topics that we think are important in order to broaden understanding of the complexities of land use and land use change in relation to food security. It will be an intensive week, with several experts from the Stockholm Environmental Institute (SIANI), International Water Management Institute and our very own renowned experts from SLU sharing their views and evidence from ongoing research.

We hope that you will find the time to attend the Land-Use and Climate Change PhD course and while attending this course find time to enjoy the surroundings of SLU and Uppsala.


From 18 November 2012 at 23:00 to 22 November 2012 at 23:00


Swedish University of Agricultural Sciecnes, Ultuna