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21 October 2024

DevRes 2024

Development Research Conference

The Development Research Conference, DevRes, will take place on 21-23 October 2024 with the theme Reaching the Sustainable Development Goals in a polarized world. Prospective participants can submit abstracts until 19 May.

DevRes is a bi-annual conference gathering Swedish development and sustainability researchers from different academic disciplines. This year’s conference is hosted by Lund University on 21-23 October.

The theme  “Reaching the Sustainable Development Goals in a polarized world” will explore how growing polarization worldwide impedes our collective pursuit of the Sustainable Development Goals by 2030.

War in Ukraine and Gaza, alongside the pandemic fallout, has shifted global power dynamics, diverting attention from international development cooperation. These conflicts, compounded by economic strains and climate challenges, disproportionately affect the Global South. Urgent action is needed, including a green transition, to address these issues. However, this transition risks exploiting vulnerable regions and exacerbating conflicts of interest, particularly in international development cooperation.

Prospective DevRes 2024 participants can contribute to the conference theme by submitting abstracts to three different types of sessions:

  1. Research Papers
  2. Interactive World Café
  3. Impact Stories

Learn more about the conference and how to make a submission. 


From 21 October 2024 to 23 October 2024


Lund University