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17 April 2024

10th WVA Global One Health Summit on “Coordinated & Sustainable Actions to Contain AMR”

Kim_Bartlett Animal and People Inc via Flicr (CCBY-NC20)

Kim_Bartlett Animal and People Inc via Flicr (CCBY-NC20)


This event convenes global leaders from different sectors and disciplines tocontribute to developing a shared global vision, narrative and targets to tackleantimicrobial resistance and mobilize all relevant stakeholders. The animal health sector must play its part. Veterinary medical use of antimicrobials isnecessary to respond to animal diseases, protect animal health, and improveanimal welfare. However, non-veterinary medical use, including growthpromotion or routine use, remains a serious concern globally. This Summit aims to stimulate intersectoral and interdisciplinary dialogue to clear the way for sustainable antimicrobial stewardship practices across human, animal, and environmental health domains.

The 10th WVA Summit is a great opportunity, working in collaboration with theAntimicrobial Resistance Multi-Stakeholder Partnership Platform, to help the 2024 UNGA High-level Meeting on AMR to achieve the most robust possible consensus and the most substantial possible commitments in our shared journey towards a healthier and more resilient future.


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From 17 April 2024 to 17 April 2024