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Steering Committee

SIANI has a Steering Committee that meets several times each year to give input and support to the over-all direction of the network and it’s activities. Committee members are engaged in a personal capacity.

Full members:

Chairperson: Annika Åhnberg, Tankeföda AB.
Andreas Davelid, Swedish Board of Agriculture.
Ingrid Öborn, Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences/World Agroforestry Centre.
Alarik Sandrup, Lantmännen.
Emelie Hansson, ICA.
Ola Möller, Senior officer, FAO
Kajsa Johansson, PhD Candidate at Linnaeus University.
Lennart Ackzell, Federation of Swedish Family Forest Owners.

Ex officio members:

Janet Vähämäki, Stockholm Environment Institute.
Mats Åberg, Sida.
Sara Gräslund, SLU Global, Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences.

You can contact the Steering Committee here.