SIANI Annual Meeting 2016

SIANI Annual Meeting 2016
19 January, 2016 - 09:00 - 16:30, Stockholm Sweden


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SIANI Annual Meeting 2016

“End hunger, achieve food security and improved nutrition, and promote sustainable agriculture”

09:00 Registration, coffee and sandwich

09:30 Welcome and Introduction to the day

Moderator: Melinda Fones Sundell, Senior Advisor, SIANI

09:35 Presentation of SIANI 2015

Matthew Fielding, Communications Manager, SIANI

09:45 Insights from the SIANI Themes:

Prof. Anders Malmer, SLU Global & Maria Ölund, Focali/GMV

10:15 Ending Rural Hunger – Monitoring of SDG 2

Alexandra Silfverstolpe, Founder & MD, Data Act Lab

10:45 Round Table Dialogue - Led by the SIANI team

12:15 Lunch

13.45 Welcome back and Reporting from the Round Table Dialogue

14:05 Insights (Pecha Kucha Presentations)

Expert Group – African Biochar, Cecilia Sundberg

Expert Group – Food Waste Prevention for Global Food Chains, Karin Östergren

Expert GroupWater Sanitation Food Security and Nutrition, Helfrid Schulte Herbruggen

SIANI Youth – SLU students: Louise Lundahl, Sofie Sandelius, Theodor Danielson, Ida Berg och Mathilda Mickels.

14:35 SIANI - The Way Forward

 Ola Möller, Senior Policy Specialist Agriculture, Sida

 Madeleine Fogde, Program Director, SIANI

14:50 Summing up the Meeting (by Moderator)

15:15 Entertainment & Mingle

Entertainment from Stockholm Boys Choir

17:00 Event Closes

Every year the SIANI secretariat organizes a meeting to provide an opportunity for members to interact with each other and to reflect on the work-plan for the Secretariat. This year's theme is End hunger, achieve food security and improved nutrition, and promote sustainable agriculture.  In addition, the program will include presentation of ongoing activities within the SIANI network, insights into the major achievements from the previous year and discussion of the plans for the forthcoming one.  

During this years meeting we will hear from a selection of engaging speakers from within the network who will feedback about their work from Expert Groups, Themes and other areas. One of our keynote speakers is Alexandra Silfverstolpe, Founder & MD, Data Act Lab who will speak about SDG2 which is the theme of the meeting, and we will also listen to Ola Möller, Senior Policy Specialist Agriculture, Sida. Moreover, SIANI will lead a Round Table dialogue consultation with those attending, in order to elicit reflections and comments from those attending the meeting.

The outcomes from the meeting will contribute to the work-plan for 2016. Find the programme under Resources. 

This event is fully booked.