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Health and nutrition
Trade and production
22 June 2016
How do we make eco-friendly food cheaper?

The EAT Forum brought together business leaders, scientists and politicians to discuss and inspire ways to transform our food system so it doesn’t harm our health and is not too much of a burden for the environment.

Trade and production
Food Waste Prevention Strategies for Global Food Chains
10 May 2016
No time to waste! Our Expert Group is on the quest for the weak links in the food chain

On the 22nd of April, the SIANI expert group on “Food Waste Prevention Strategies for Global Food Chains” arranged a workshop to discuss good examples and possible solutions to reduce food waste on a global scale with a whole value chain perspective in mind.

Trade and production
Forests, Landscapes and Food Security
24 February 2015
New tool links global consumption with local-level impacts of production

Recent research, published by Focali members Javier Godar and Martin Persson with colleagues in Ecological Economics, develops a method to trace socio-environmental impacts of production to consumption.