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Landscape management
20 March 2015
Landscape Approaches to reconcile competing land uses

Presented by Dr. Liz Deakin at the seminar Landscape Approaches in Practice organised by SIFI and SIANI in Umeå, Sweden on March 17 2015. 

Landscape management
12 December 2014
Moving Targets: Challenges and Opportunities for Sustainability in Frontier Landscapes

SIANI and EcoAdapt hosted a lively discussion at the Global Landscapes Forum 2014 on ways to improve land use governance in frontier landscapes, including ways to engage diverse actors, resolve conflicts, and address everyone’s needs and concerns.

Landscape management
Trade and production
9 September 2013
Foodprinting: Introduction to the seminar: Video

Global farmers face an enormous challenge to satisfy a rapidly growing demand for food, feed, fibres and fuels. At the same time the environmental sustainability of production methods is...