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Health and nutrition
5 September 2022
GASL webinar: Antimicrobial use in livestock – the high-scale producers’ and international organizations’ perspective

The emergence of antimicrobial resistance is a global threat to human health and livestock health, welfare and productivity. Refinement and reduction of antimicrobial use are key measures to curb...

Food systems
23 August 2022
SIWI: World Water Week 2022

The theme of the 2022 World Water Week is: Seeing the unseen: The value of water.  Many of the world’s most urgent water challenges are invisible to the naked eye: the availability and...

Health and nutrition
Trade and production
29 June 2022
5 takeaways from AMR Stockholm+50 associated event

On June 1st 2022, ReAct in collaboration with The Nordic Council of Ministers and Stockholm Environmental Institute hosted the hybrid event "The silent antimicrobial resistance pandemic urges a concerted global response - but what needs to be done?". Here you find 5 takeaways from the day and a few next steps.

Health and nutrition
27 April 2022
Livestock’s many virtues – why livestock health should be prioritised

Why should people in Sweden care about diseases in livestock in low- and lower-middle-income countries? This is a question that I have been asked on numerous occasions ever since I started my...

Health and nutrition
Rural transformation
15 January 2021
Call for research proposals: One Health Interventions to reduce Antibiotic Resistances

The Joint Programming Initiative on Antimicrobial Resistance (JPIAMR) is looking for project proposals with a One Health approach.

Health and nutrition
Trade and production
Impact Story
30 April 2020
Raised the issue of antimicrobial resistance in livestock on the Swedish development agenda

Read this impact story about how SIANI raised the issue of antimicrobial resistance in livestock on the Swedish agenda.

Health and nutrition
27 August 2018
Tackling antimicrobial resistance through safe, clean water and environmental health

Far too little attention is given to the issue of Antimicrobial Resistance (AMR) and the way it spreads in our natural environment and water. How does it happen? What role do pollution and water...

Health and nutrition
21 September 2017
Why antimicrobial resistance is everybody’s business and how we can sort it out

Antimicrobials have become one of the most misused medicines. As a result, pathogenic bacteria that cause infectious diseases have started to adapt and have become resistant.

Trade and production
9 August 2017
SIANI at the World Water Week 2017!

One can't grow much food without water. In fact, agriculture is the largest consumer of water; Using more than 70% of global freshwater supply, it gives a head start to any other sector. Clearly, water is critical for food production,and we need a lot of it to produce food for the growing population, but we tend to forget that it is an infinite resource.

Trade and production
23 March 2017
Good practices, minimal use of antibiotics, high productivity!

Presentation held by Christina Furustam, Federation of Swedish Farmers, at the event: Low use of antimicrobials and healthy productive animals – a possible equation? At FAO Headquarters in Rome,...