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Climate change and resource conflict
Forests, Landscapes and Food Security
6 December 2016
Global climate initiatives need more trees: Agroforestry Network has published an opinion piece in the newspaper GP

Focali is one of the partners to the newly launched Agroforestry network. On November 19, the network published an opinion piece in Göteborgs-Posten where we argue that more funding for agroforestry in development cooperation can help to reach both the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and the climate deal from COP21 in

Landscape management
1 February 2016
Maria Ölund – Forests, Landscapes and Food Security

The background of Focali, a presentation of their major research topics and a summary of their 2015 activities.

Landscape management
Forests, Landscapes and Food Security
25 September 2015
How to reduce vulnerability in rural Burkina Faso: keeping the trees and planting more or diversifying the livelihoods?

How to understand vulnerability and how to reduce it? If you ask this question to several people on the street they are likely to give you different answers. Same is probably true for those who work with policy and make decision on how to reduce vulnerability of people in rural communities in Africa or elsewhere. Different understanding results in different way of doing things.

Landscape management
Trade and production
2 July 2015
SIANI i Almedalen 2015: 50 Nyanser av grönt – mot ett grönare Afrika

Goda nyheter: Afrikas jordar blir grönare, matproduktionen ökar och den negativa klimatpåverkan minskar. Den vanligaste bilden av Afrikas jordar är en accelererande ökenspridning som hotar...