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Trade and production
20 April 2018
Kan du föreställa dig en värld utan din favoritmat?

Det är nästan omöjligt att köpa traditionell närproducerad mat i Svenska matbutiker. Med andra ord riskerar Sverige att förlora en viktig del av sin mattradition. Detta är slutsatsen från...

Health and nutrition
Landscape management
18 September 2017
Indigenous food: More than taste buds tingling

Promoting traditional food cultures like the Sámi one is not about putting them into some outdoor museum or treating them like mere folklore. It is about learning from creativity, which grew from the need of self-sufficiency and subsistence in a harsh climate, it is about making the best use of the richness of knowledge and ideas for new-old trends, like nose-to-tail cooking or foraging.

Health and nutrition
Landscape management
24 August 2017
Leveraging agrobiodiversity: A recipe for food forever and happily ever after

Endless repetition gets very boring and even depressing, at least it gets for me. And who doesn’t like to try something new every once in a while? In fact, our brain develops better in a diverse and dynamic environment. Leveraging diversity enables us to accomplish great things together, doing it with excitement and fascination. So why then have we been persistently getting rid of diversity in our food?

27 August 2015
Hudson Shiraku: Farming in the Wake of Water Scarcity in Kenya

During World Water Week, young Kenyan Environmental Scientist Hudson Shiraku tells Farming First how farmers in Kenya are overcoming water scarcity in a variety of ways.

Landscape management
24 July 2013
Reporting from SLU Global Food Security Symposium: Sustainable and Diversified Agricultural Systems – Essential for Food Security

Diversified agricultural systems along with sustainable and efficient management of resources and soil fertility are essential in order to improve and maintain land productivity. To reduce starvation and malnutrition, the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences (SLU) and partners in Africa have dedicated funding for food security related research projects.

Gender and equality
Rural transformation
24 August 2012
Transforming gender relations in agriculture in Sub-Saharan Africa: Promising approaches.

Agriculture is at the core of many of humankind’s greatest challenges:how to feed a population fast rising to 10 billion, how tomitigate and adapt to climate change, and how to protect and...

Climate change and resource conflict
3 October 2010
The road from Nagoya to Cancun

On Thursday November 4th, 2010 SIANI convened a public seminar to discuss the complex issue of climate change and the linkage between the process behind the Convention on Biodiversity (CBD) and...