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Trade and production
22 May 2017
What is the IITA Youth Agripreneur initiative and what possible global interfaces are there?

Presented by Ylva Hillbur, Pro Vice-Chancellor, International relations - SLU, at the workshop "Youth, Agripreneurship and the Sustainable Development Goals", 8th of May 2017.

Trade and production
8 May 2017
Youth, Agripreneurship and the Sustainable Development Goals

To continue to feed a growing world population, we need to increase global food production. This appears though at odds with a number of seemingly insurmountable environmental and socio-economic...

Trade and production
Sustainable Agricultural Production and Food Security
7 February 2017
Tapping into the talents of youth for African agriculture

Africa’s lack of agricultural youth adds on to other sustainability challenges such as climate change, rural poverty and food insecurity. However, being the youngest continent, Africa could potentially turn this challenge into opportunities and rejuvenate its agricultural sector.

Trade and production
Commercializing Agricultural Sector in Kenya
30 January 2017
Commercializing Agricultural Sector in Kenya: Wake the Kenyan Giant!

Presentation held by Stephen Vundi Mungula, Lead Junior Professional – SIANI Expert Group in Kenya at the SIANI Annual Meeting 2017.