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Landscape management
28 September 2021
Focali – SIANI Dialogue: Impacts of the Pandemic on Forest Communities and Forests – Session 1

The COVID-19 pandemic has disrupted lives around the world, not the least the ones of forest and Indigenous communities. How did the pandemic impact their livelihoods and environments and how did...

Trade and production
8 February 2021
Cricket cakes and grasshopper delight: new African cookbooks showcase recipes with insects

Two new cookbooks integrate traditional African culinary knowledge of cooking with insects into contemporary recipes.

Health and nutrition
Trade and production
Hidden in Grains
7 January 2021
How can food companies combat hidden hunger?

Food companies have a unique opportunity to reduce hidden hunger by choosing whole grains and hydrothermal processing.

Rural transformation
Wild Foods, Biodiversity and Livelihoods
27 October 2020
Transcript of a discussion about wild foods, tenure rights and traditional knowledge

Read the transcript from an online dialogue about wild foods, customary tenure rights, traditional food systems and knowledge.

Rural transformation
20 February 2020
Meet our new Expert Group about wild foods, biodiversity and livelihood

Get to know our new Expert Group addressing wild foods, biodiversity and livelihood in Asia.

Landscape management
1 September 2016
Why do farmers behave the way they do and make the decisions they make?

Climate change, volatile prices, changing consumption patterns, and increasing competition for agricultural land makes the hard business of farming even more challenging. How do we make our farming systems sustainable and resilient? In search for the answer to this question, we tend to focus on inputs and outputs, forgetting about the people who are at the center of the issue.

Health and nutrition
Rural transformation
Food systems
28 April 2014
Food Futures: A Story From the Roof of the World

Food sustains us; it gives us energy to live and feel alive. We love it; we hate it. It makes us laugh; it makes us cry (especially when slicing onions). Whatever the reason, food is highly emotive.

24 April 2013
Small-scale farmers and productivity

Presented as part of the seminar: South at the Steering Wheel - Improving sustainability in land investment for bioenergy in sub-Saharan Africa 29th May 2012, 08:00 - 17:30