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Landscape management
15 April 2021
Have your say about the future of sustainable farming!

Answer this survey to help us understand what agroforestry can offer young people that other farming practices can't.

Health and nutrition
29 April 2020
Survey: We would like to hear about your experience of COVID-19.

What COVID-19 related knowledge and information are you missing? What kind of events and activities would you find helpful? Let us know by answering this short survey.

Landscape management
Rural transformation
21 December 2016
Scientists, your opinion counts: How do you engage with agricultural policy and practice?

Heads up all food and agriculture scientists in sub-Saharan Africa and in South/Southeast Asia! Take part in a region-wide survey on how scientists in SSA, South and Southeast Asia engage with policy-makers and practitioners.

Trade and production
9 March 2015
SIANI launches a #YouthFocus during the spring of 2015

SIANI strives for diversity of perspectives and broad actor representation in our network.  We are currently working on identifying the ways to involve more youth in the discussion around agricultural development in general and in our network in particular. It was also one of the recommendations that came out of the SIANI Annual Meeting in January 2015.