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Trade and production
Food Security and Energy Access
25 August 2015
Experts Consultative Forum on Impacts of Energy Access on Food Security in Sub-saharan Africa

More than two-fifths of the world’s population depends on unsustainably harvested wood energy for cooking and heating, with significant impact on health, food production and nutrition, and local...

Rural transformation
Moving Africa Towards A Knowledge Based Bio-economy; How Can Sweden Assist?
3 December 2014
Moving Africa Towards a Knowledge Based Bio-economy

Emerging both as a result of the global resource squeeze and recent bio-science achievements, Knowledge Based Bio-economy is increasingly seen as an opportunity for sustainable economic growth...

Gender and equality
Trade and production
7 March 2014
The Whole Package for Africa’s Women Farmers

It’s not enough to sing their praises: let’s work on legal rights, market access, community-based support, and more equitable households say Melinda Fones Sundell and Marion Davis.

Climate change and resource conflict
Trade and production
2 December 2013
SIANI Discussion Brief: Sustainability Implications of Closing the Yield Gap

A rising world population requires increased food production. The achievements of Green Revolution have dramatically reduced hunger in certain parts of the World. However, these methods have most reached the limit of further intensification.

Trade and production
2 December 2013
Discussion Brief Summary: Sustainability Implications of Closing the Yield Gap

Roughly 7.2 billion people now inhabit the Earth, and by 2050, that number could reach 9.6 billion. Adequately feeding them could require increasing food production by two-thirds or more. In part,...