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Health and nutrition
5 October 2020
Webinar on rural well-being: geography of opportunities by OECD

What’s the issue? Across the OECD, rural regions make up approximately 80 percent of all the territory and are home to approximately 30 percent of the population. These lands, and the people...

Rural transformation
23 October 2018
Reap what you sow: Turning agriculture into an opportunity for the youth in the Sahel

Is agriculture an attractive career choice for the youth of today? What opportunities and constraints do young people see in agriculture? A new research project in Burkina Faso seeks to find this out.

Trade and production
28 January 2015
The dream of a sustainable future for the Amazon

In the Ecuadorian Amazon, the Kichwa people wake up before dawn with their families to drink a caffeinated infusion of boiled leaves from the guayusa tree (Ilex guayusa). They discuss the lessons from their dreams and use them to plan for the day ahead.

Gender and equality
Trade and production
4 April 2014
How to Make Responsible Agricultural Investments in Developing Countries Effective?

A growing population as well as the growing role of biofuels has set the trend for increased demand on agricultural production systems. Meeting future food and energy demand on limited land area requires intensification in production and, hence, increased investment in the agricultural sector.