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Gender and equality
Trade and production
Benefits of collaborative purchasing of local produce for women smallholder farmers in Kenya
11 April 2018
Better together: hopping over the middle man with collaborative purchasing

Many female smallholder farmers in Kenya have a hard time accessing markets. This happens because female farmers often lack information about market demand, have limited resources to run their own...

Landscape management
1 September 2016
Why do farmers behave the way they do and make the decisions they make?

Climate change, volatile prices, changing consumption patterns, and increasing competition for agricultural land makes the hard business of farming even more challenging. How do we make our farming systems sustainable and resilient? In search for the answer to this question, we tend to focus on inputs and outputs, forgetting about the people who are at the center of the issue.

Health and nutrition
Trade and production
14 June 2015
SIANI starts collaboration with the Inclusive Business Sweden

Inclusive Business Sweden, IBS, is a non-profit organisation and part of a global network of labs in 22 countries that supports organisations in the development of sustainable, innovative and inclusive business models. IBS is also working with the “Base of the Pyramid”, BoP, – the 4 billion individuals living on under $8 a day.

Trade and production
27 August 2013
Historic Cocoa Farming in Cameroon: Future For Smallholders?

Cocoa farming was introduced in the Mount Fako region of Cameroon in 1886 by the Germans with the aim of supplying their local factories with raw materials (cocoa beans). They owned and managed vast hectares of cocoa plantations which were worked forcefully by indigenous slaves.