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Landscape management
Trade and production
Food systems
6 July 2021
A Perennial Revolution of Agriculture

What advantages does perennial grain cropping entails? What is needed to grow more of these crops? Join this webinar from the UNFSS to find out.

Rural transformation
28 October 2019
Agri4D 2019: Zero Hunger by 2030, which road to take?

What's the latest on the agricultural research for the development agenda? Get briefed on that with the key messages from the Agri4D 2019.

Climate change and resource conflict
Landscape management
5 June 2015
Breeding for life. How perennial crops keep the soil in place, increase fertility and sequester carbon in the soil

Presented by Sten Stymne at the seminar "Save our Soils" in Malmö, Sweden on May 20, 2015.

Landscape management
Trade and production
30 August 2013
Perennial possibilities for increasing food and ecosystem security: Video

Global farmers face an enormous challenge to satisfy a rapidly growing demand for food, feed, fibres and fuels. At the same time the environmental sustainability of production methods is...