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Landscape management
Trade and production
18 February 2019
Palm oil—can we enjoy it responsibly?

The slippery question of whether to ban the controversial commodity, or work with the producers.

Landscape management
Trade and production
Forests, Landscapes and Food Security
17 March 2016
New study finds beef, soybeans, palm oil and wood products are responsible for 40% of global deforestation

Growing world population drives the demand for food, feed and fiber. And since no country can produce all the products we now can buy in supermarkets, this demand is met through the export of agricultural commodities on the global market. Partly, the global demand is met through a rising productivity on the already established agricultural land.

Trade and production
2 October 2015
Can biofuels, oil palm and agribusiness be a sustainable strategy for Southeast Asia?

The new brief draws together SEI research done between 2011 and 2014 on agribusiness developments – especially of oil palm – in Thailand, Cambodia, Indonesia, and the Philippines. It presents overarching insights from that work, along with recommendations for how the industry could be governed more sustainably and aligned more closely with the interests of lo

25 April 2013
Sustainable investment for biofuel feedstocks: Oil palm

Presented as part of the seminar: South at the Steering Wheel - Improving sustainability in land investment for bioenergy in sub-Saharan Africa 29th May 2012, 08:00 - 17:30