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Rural transformation
20 January 2017
Where is siani now?

Present by Katja Bessonova, Communication Officer, SIANI at the SIANI Annual Meeting 2017.

Climate change and resource conflict
Trade and production
African Biochar
24 April 2015
Introducing SIANI African Biochar Expert Group

Biochar has recently gained attention in scientific and popular media for its potential to sequester carbon and enhance soil fertility (World Bank 2014). There are also opportunities to improve energy efficiency through pyrolytic cookstoves, improve health through reduced indoor air pollution, and reduce drudgery through reduced need for firewood etc.

Rural transformation
Trade and production
Moving Africa Towards A Knowledge Based Bio-economy; How Can Sweden Assist?
26 February 2015
What is SIANI about?

Presented by Melinda Fones-Sundell at the workshop "Moving Africa Towards a Knowledge based Bio-economy: How can Sweden assist?" organised by the SIANI Bio-economy Expert Group on 3 December 2014. 

16 February 2015
SIANI: the way forward

Presented by Madeleine Fogde at SIANI 2015 Annual Meeting

Health and nutrition
Rural transformation
3 February 2014
Networking in a New Phase: Member Dialogue Gave Input to Future Development of SIANI

The first ever SIANI Annual Meeting took place on the 21st of January in Stockholm. About 60 members and interested people joined the SIANI Secretariat for a full day event at the City Museum to discuss the future development of the SIANI network.