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Rural transformation
31 March 2020
Migrant workers may be caught between the devil and the deep blue sea during the COVID-19 crisis

The ongoing global pandemic may increase job insecurity and ruin rudimentary social welfare structures, amplifying the vulnerability of migrant workers.

Rural transformation
29 October 2019
Food security, Mobility and Displacement in the Horn of Africa

Laura Hammond, Professor, SOAS Food Studies Centre, University of London, took on anthropological approach to understand food security, mobility and displacement nexus, and its link to diverse and...

Rural transformation
1 February 2019
Understanding the connection: mobility, migration and rural development in West Africa

Jesper Bjarnesen, Senior Researcher at NAI, presents at the SIANI Annual Meeting 2019

Gender and equality
Trade and production
14 October 2013
Gender, floods, mobility and agricultural transformations in low elevation zones of Quezon Province, Philippines: A Post-disaster View

Presented at the Agri4D 2013 conference at the session on Transforming Gender Roles in Agriculture: - Ways Forward