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Landscape management
14 May 2020
Agroforestry Training Manual for resilient landscapes in the ASEAN

What are the opportunities and challenges for agroforestry practices? How can these be implemented in the ASEAN? Find out in this training manual.

Trade and production
5 July 2019
Who runs the world? Agripreneurs!

There is no doubt that young people will transform our food system, but it is always good to have a plan. And it definitely won't hurt if this plan is a creditworthy business ploy.

Rural transformation
Trade and production
Agripreneurship Alliance
21 May 2018
Infusing African agriculture with business competency

In a world steered by the market small-scale farmers have little chance to succeed without running their farms as a business. Many farmers have excellent produce. However, that is not enough.

Trade and production
Agripreneurship Alliance
22 March 2018
Blending it up: Innovative learning programme is to step up agribusiness in Africa

Our Expert Group is equipping young people with the business skills required to create sustainable businesses within the agri-food sector in Africa.

Gender and equality
Health and nutrition
Co-Intentional Learning
15 May 2015
Introducing Expert Group: Co-intentional learning: shortage of food and water – vulnerability to ill-health, abuse, and exploitation

The overall aim of the group is to examine how shortages of food and water lead to vulnerability to ill-health, abuse, and exploitation at the local level.