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Landscape management
Trade and production
Forests, Landscapes and Food Security
6 February 2014
Trees in Home Gardens: Making the Most of an Age-Old Practice to Improve Food Security and Nutrition

Home gardens have been vital to human societies for thousands of years: from clusters of beneficial trees and shrubs planted on forest edges in pre-historic times, to the lush edible gardens grown traditionally in many tropical regions, to the tiny, densely planted backyards that dot cities worldwide.

Forests, Landscapes and Food Security
5 February 2014
Sharing the Land: Restoring Degraded Ecosystems and Improving Livelihoods Through Agroforestry

Roughly 24% of the world’s land area is degrading, including more than a fifth of the cropland and nearly a third of the forests – yet 1.5 billion people directly depend on degraded areas....