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Rural transformation
Trade and production
10 June 2020
What can we learn from the COVID-19 lockdown in India?

India implemented the world's largest COVID-19 lockdown. As the country is slowly reopening, it's becoming clearer the lockdown has made life harder not only for farmers but for the entire society.

Gender and equality
21 January 2019
What does male out-migration mean for women in rural South Asia?

In search for higher income men leave to cities or abroad. This type of migration is not only transforming rural economies, but also changes gender relations.

Landscape management
1 September 2016
Why do farmers behave the way they do and make the decisions they make?

Climate change, volatile prices, changing consumption patterns, and increasing competition for agricultural land makes the hard business of farming even more challenging. How do we make our farming systems sustainable and resilient? In search for the answer to this question, we tend to focus on inputs and outputs, forgetting about the people who are at the center of the issue.

Gender and equality
27 May 2016
Sowing diversity = harvesting security: filming for food sovereignty

Food security is often considered fulfilled if a nation has access to food in some fashion; whether that food is locally grown or imported from elsewhere is less important. In a way, food sovereignty approach goes a step further and emphases self-reliance and independence from external food sources.

Landscape management
8 April 2016
N.H. Ravindranath – Greening india mission; landscape management approach – methodological challenges

Proffessor N.H. Ravindranath (Indian institute of science) on the challanges and lessons learned from landscape management projects in India

Landscape management
Forests, Landscapes and Food Security
1 April 2015
Can India´s wasteland be used for biomass plantations?

How much of India’s vast wasteland can be used for growing plants such as eucalyptus and Jatropha? As land demands have increased, the sustainable use of marginal lands has become increasingly important. In India about 47 million hectares, or 15 percent of the total geographical area, is classified as wastelands.