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Gender and equality
Benefits of collaborative purchasing of local produce for women smallholder farmers in Kenya
17 November 2017
Shared economy – a low-cost solution to an expensive problem?

Female smallholder farmers have low access to markets due to time constraints, lack of market information and transportation disadvantage. These factors reduce their competitiveness and make them dependent on middlemen.

Trade and production
3 October 2017
Leapfrogging into the green future, is it going to be tech for tat?

Researchers are still arguing about the definition of bioeconomy. However, it is an exciting concept that stimulates innovation and resource efficiency with a market value in mind. All essential for sustainable development. Clearly, the bioeconomy pathway will require transparent knowledge sharing, cross-sector collaboration and a novel view on academic research.

Gender and equality
Trade and production
1 July 2016
Join the movement – explore YPARD

“Young scientists need to take part in policy debates and discussions about agricultural research for development!” So claimed a group of young agriculture professionals in 2005. They wanted to create a global network through which young professionals could be given a voice and contribute towards agricultural development.

Rural transformation
2 October 2014
e-Agriculture Forum: Communication for Development, Community Media and ICTs for Family Farming and Rural Development

e-Agriculture is organizing a forum within the framework of the International Year of Family Farming; this online event is organized by the e-Agriculture Community of Practice, the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) and the World Association of Community Radio Broadcasters (AMARC).