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Health and nutrition
Sustainable Agricultural Production and Food Security
4 January 2016
Sida invests 60 million SEK in food security

The programme Agriculture for Food Security Post 2015 (AgriFoSe) – translating science into policy and development has been developed by researchers from the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences (SLU), Lund University, Gothenburg University and Stockholm Environment Institute (SEI).

Gender and equality
21 October 2015
World Food Day 2015 and 70 years of the UN Food and Agriculture Organization

Every year, all the UN Agencies celebrate the World Food Day on October 16, the day on which the FAO was founded in 1945.  It is celebrated to raise public awareness about hunger in the world,...

Trade and production
15 June 2015
The state of food insecurity in the world – action against hunger continues

A number of people suffering from hunger reduced by 167 million – a great progress on the way to hunger alleviation. Still, one in every nine people suffers from chronical hunger and its consequences. Socio-political instability and natural disasters are the two major factors that compromise food security.

Gender and equality
Health and nutrition