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Landscape management
1 March 2017
Understanding multifunctional landscapes and their change to inform intensification efforts

Presentation held by Hanna Sinare, Stockholm Resilience Centre - at the young researchers meeting on multifunctional landscapes, Gothenburg June 7-8, 2016.

Landscape management
Health and nutrition
Trade and production
14 October 2013
World Food Day 2013 Spot: Healthy People Depend on Healthy Food Systems

A food system is made up of the environment, people, institutions and processes by which food is produced, processed and brought to consumers. With millions of people around the world still...

Health and nutrition
2 June 2013
World Environment Day

The World Environment Day is celebrated on the 5th of June. It was introduced in 1972 when the United Nations conference on the Human Environment Began. Since then every year people organize and participate in different events and activities to raise awareness and understanding of how important the environment is.