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Climate change and resource conflict
Food Systems
Rural transformation
Trade and production
Food systems
31 March 2023
Transforming food systems in times of recurring crises

SIANI annual meeting brings together members to discuss how to contribute to shaping the dialogue around rights-based and sustainable food systems, and launch the new phase of SIANI, with the focus on transforming our food systems into more resilient and inclusive in times of recurring crises.

Climate change and resource conflict
Landscape management
Food systems
28 April 2021
Swedish development actors convene a public consultation on hunger and conflict to feed into the top UN meeting on food

We have to ensure that the Food Systems Summit process addresses the needs of those living in conflict-affected areas, who often are at most risk of food insecurity.

Climate change and resource conflict
13 November 2015
Conflict, Natural Resources and Food Security

People in countries suffering from poverty, unequal distribution of resources and conflicts are particularly vulnerable to low food security. Population growth, climate change, reduced...