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Climate change and resource conflict
Health and nutrition
Food systems
23 February 2021
5 ways you can use science communication to change our food systems for the better

Bearing in mind the complexity of our food systems, how can we bring scientific evidence to the relevant decision-making arenas and make our voices heard?

Gender and equality
Rural transformation
12 February 2021
Powering your food security work with impactful communications: A learning session at SIANI Annual Meeting 2021

Easy reading is hard writing. Communications experts share tips about inclusive and impactful science communication with a focus on food security.

Rural transformation
11 December 2017
Tell us a story about ending hunger!

Storytelling has been out there for a while, but what does it really mean? Is it an impactful tool for communicating important messages and engaging different stakeholders? SIANI Youth and the...

27 September 2016
SIANI / FuF Spring 2017 Traineeship

Applications for a communication internship at SIANI are now open! Are you interested in sustainable development and poverty reduction in agriculture, food supply, natural resource management, and consumption? Join our team!    About the internship

Gender and equality
Trade and production
12 May 2016
How adaptation for some can be a risk for others

A study by Benjamin Warner and Christopher Kuzdas, University of Massachusets recently published in the Climate and Development Journal looked into what happens in the Costa Rican agro-industrial before the dry season.