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Landscape management
28 March 2019
The role of civil society – lessons from Indonesia.

Maria Rydlund, Senior Policy Officer Tropical Forest at Swedish Society for Nature Conservation

Gender and equality
16 November 2018
Convener – Coalition for grassroots human rights defenders, Kenya

Presentation by Rachael Mwikali, female activist, at the SIANI Members Meeting in Nairobi, November 14th 2018

Climate change and resource conflict
Trade and production
24 April 2018
Bridge over troubled waters: How can we bury the hatchet between industry and civil society?

There have been very few opportunities for companies and civil society to come together on neutral grounds. New initiative offers a promising approach to develop the interface for this interaction.

Climate change and resource conflict
Trade and production
20 October 2016
Nairobi fresh: How an innovative law is helping the city to grow its own food

Ever heard of Kibera vertical farms?  These are not perhaps the designer skyscraper greenhouses you might imagine, but rather sacks filled with soil. However, Kibera dwellers are able to grow tomatoes, spinach and kale in those sacks which, together with ugali and eggs, from Kibera-kept chickens, make a nutritious meal.