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Rural transformation
Trade and production
1 October 2020
The effects of COVID-19 on food companies in Eastern Africa

The coronavirus pandemic has taken a tight grip on the African food industry, elevating risks of poverty and hunger. How exactly does it affect food companies?

Gender and equality
Health and nutrition
3 February 2017
Global Goals: Let’s do it!

Young people are central to the implementation of the 2030 Agenda; many are already working on creating a more sustainable future, shaking and moving the existing state of order with innovative thinking, creativity and passion.

Trade and production
27 May 2014
CSR is Dead, Long Live the Triple Bottom Line! – Sustainable Business at the EAT Forum

“How can we change the food system in order for it to provide us with healthy food, save environment and make a business sense?” “Should we give up on our planet if the solutions don’t make business sense?” and “Does food production need stricter regulation and how does business get on board of the global race for sustainability?”

Trade and production
Moving Africa Towards A Knowledge Based Bio-economy; How Can Sweden Assist?
3 October 2013
Reporting from the SIANI Seminar: Moving Africa Towards a Knowledge Based Bio-economy

The growing global demand for food, feed, bio-energy and agricultural land together with rapid globalization, new technologies and trade regimes are changing the conditions for the agriculture and utilization of genetic resources worldwide. The revolutionary achievements in the field of biosciences are contributing to e.g.