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Climate change and resource conflict
Forests, Landscapes and Food Security
7 March 2017
Trees are giant air conditioners with no power bills

Anyone who has walked outside on a sunny day knows that forests and trees matter for temperature, humidity and wind speed. Planting trees speaks to concerns about climate change -- but the directly important aspects of the tree-climate relationships have so far been overlooked in climate policy where it relates to forest. That, at least, is the conclusion of a new review.

Landscape management
Sustainable Agricultural Production and Food Security
3 November 2014
The Link Between Trees, Water & Food Security a Trade-off or Synergy for Livelihoods in Complex Tropical Landscapes?

The first day will be devoted to sharing knowledge between scientists and practitioners from the policy and management community. This feedback will then be taken further during the second day by...

Trade and production
20 October 2014
Thirsty food story: Grasping the invisible ingredient

Every food item we eat needs water for its production, but different foods require different amount of water.