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Trade and production
9 September 2020
PHAB 2020: Plant Health, Agriculture and Bioscience Conference

Join the PHAB 2020 Conferece to explore innovations in plant health, and their connections to economic development, food security and environmental protection.

Health and nutrition
26 September 2018
Automated Greenhouses

We discuss the role of big data and shared economy in providing expert farming knowledge for novice and beginner growers.

Rural transformation
10 September 2018
Blending food tech and smallholder savvy

Ari.Farm is an app that you can use to invest in camel milk in Somalia. What is it exactly about and how does it work? SIANI took some time to speak to Jimale Mohamed, the creator of Ari.Farm.

Health and nutrition
Trade and production
11 September 2017
The Future of Food @ STHLM Tech Fest

After seeing flying cars and energy stored in salt, the focus of the 2017 Stockholm Tech Festival fell upon the future of food.