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Health and nutrition
Trade and production
23 September 2020
The effects of COVID-19 on food and agriculture, as experienced by African farmers

The pandemic is disrupting agricultural value chains in Africa and beyond, increasing poverty and food insecurity. How exactly do these effects play out? And how to prevent it from getting worse?

Landscape management
Trade and production
26 May 2020
Agroforestry value chains and market systems

This policy brief gives an overview of agroforestry value chains and market systems, describing market barriers and ways to resolve them.

Gender and equality
Trade and production
16 November 2018
Access to markets for women-led agribusinesses: contributing to food security

Presentation by Felicia Muriuki, African Women Agribusiness Network, at the SIANI Members Meeting in Nairobi, November 14th 2018

Trade and production
Benefits of collaborative purchasing of local produce for women smallholder farmers in Kenya
13 September 2018
Market for female farmers: Can a phone app deliver?

Mobile technologies are framed as the future of agricultural development and the solution to many of the current challenges, like access to market and fairer prices. But are they as good as they seem?

Gender and equality
Benefits of collaborative purchasing of local produce for women smallholder farmers in Kenya
17 November 2017
Shared economy – a low-cost solution to an expensive problem?

Female smallholder farmers have low access to markets due to time constraints, lack of market information and transportation disadvantage. These factors reduce their competitiveness and make them dependent on middlemen.

Trade and production
2 March 2011
Rights-based versus Market-based Development

Development policymakers, academics and practitioners gathered at a ‘provocation’ seminar led by IIED in Stockholm, Sweden on the 3rd of March 2011 to discuss whether their approaches to...