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SIANI expert groups are broad-based working groups established around SIANI’s vision and mission. The purpose of these groups is to convene experts on specific issues together in order to contribute to a holistic understanding of emerging issues in their field.

The expert groups consolidate knowledge and focus the interactions of different actors within the Swedish resource base.

Agripreneurship Alliance

Adopting a pragmatic, action orientated, evidence based, youth focused and rapid prototype approach, this expert group, drawing skills, knowledge and expertise from non-profit, university and business sectors, will develop and pilot a cloud-based, blended learning educational course that will support young agripreneurs across Africa to develop their business ideas.

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Benefits of collaborative purchasing of local produce for women smallholder farmers in Kenya

Women smallholder farmers have less access to market due to time constraint, lack of transport and market information. The expert group seeks to research how digital services can lead to more business for women through collaborative purchasing and distribution. Can this be a low-cost solution to an expensive problem?

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Land, Livestock and Livelihoods; the Triple L research initiative

Development in dryland Kenya, and in much of SSA, is often dominated by a transition from nomadic pastoralism to sedentary livestock based agro-pastoral livelihoods. This is the research and action areas of Triple L, including biophysical and socio-economic research as well as interactions with different stakeholders, the local policy sphere, NGO’s and CBO’s.

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Mekong Expert Group on Agroforestry for Food and Nutrition Security, Sustainable Agriculture and Landscape Restoration

The Group will compile and share knowledge with Swedish and Southeast Asian governments, NGOs, research and training bodies and practitioners on the development of agroforestry for food and nutritional security, sustainable agriculture, smallholders’ livelihoods, climate-change adaptation and mitigation, and landscape restoration towards achievement of SDG 2.

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Rural Change Captured Through a Youthful Lens

The group emphasises the use of video narratives to illuminate younger community members’ lived experiences of their spaces vis-à-vis the issue of food. We concentrate on villages with an agricultural tradition that undergo transformations. This means, we focus on such villages that can be traced back to an agricultural tradition. In doing so, video narratives are suggested be useful to understanding social change and social impacts of rural-urban transformations on the community members.

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